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Introducing Ice Hockey

An exclusive combination of skill, speed, aggression and physical contact make ice hockey one of the fastest and most exciting team sports in the world. Few other games can compete with the frantic pace, intense end-to-end action and lively atmosphere associated with the sport and this is why ice hockey is currently Britain's most popular indoor sporting activity.

Ice hockey in the UK

Ice hockey in England is governed by the English Ice Hockey Association (EIHA). The EIHA was formed in 1982 and since then the number of teams has risen from 60 to in excess of 260 as part of over 40 clubs nationwide. Hockey is a sport with a big future and it continues to grow year on year.

The Dynamos

Since forming in 1997, taking over the Medway Bears franchise at the Silver Blades Ice Rink Gillingham, the Invicta Dynamos have gone on to be one of the country's most consistent and successful hockey clubs. With a full youth development programme, regular involvement in the local community and a professional setup recognised in regional sports awards the club has earned a reputation as one of the leading hockey organisations up and down the country.The Invicta Dynamos are one of county's top sports teams make hockey the most watched indoor sport in Kent. The club also boast a strong away following with fans willing to travel to see the Dynamos in action.

Youth Development

The Invicta Dynamos are firmly committed to youth development and have one of the strongest development programmes in the UK with over eighty youth players currently registered to the club. There are four junior teams, all of which train and compete on a regular basis, including:
  • Invicta Imps (Under 10s)
  • Invicta Devils (Under 12s)
  • Invicta Dynamites (Under 14s)
  • Invicta Junior Dynamos (Under 16s)

Play The Game

If you would like to be a future Invicta Dynamo and are aged from 5 years onwards then please email or come along to our novice sessions on a Monday night at 5pm.By visiting our website you can also email the team managers who are always happy to help.

Watch The Game

We always welcome new supporters so come along on a Sunday night at 5.15pm to watch the Dynamos and soak up the atmosphere. For a full fixture list please look at the website
We look forward to seeing you

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