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Private Lessons
SilverBlades Gillingham has managed to coach and train many skaters over the years.

SilverBlades Gillingham has a long history of National and International skaters starting their skating lessons here and some now even coach at the rink. From the first ever Novice Pairs Champions to British Mens Champion we are delighted to have seen them train here over the years. Now could be your time to start!

Lessons are booked direct with the coaches, please be aware that at certain times of the year private lessons are at a premium due to increased demand. Learning to skate in the summer months is a great way to cool off out of the sun!

The professional coaches are able to offer lessons to suit both your ability and your available time. All of the coaches are happy to discuss your requirements with you and make arrangements for lessons. Please allow 2/3 days for a reply, if urgent please contact SilverBlades Gillingham reception on 01634 388477.

Meet Our Coaches
Gary Jones
N.C.C.P Level 4 Advanced and B.I T A Senior Coach Great Britain International Team Coach Trainer to 3 times British Mens Champion and N.I.S.A Hall of Fame Skate John Hamer .

Sharon Jones
N.C.C.P Level 3 Advanced and B.I T A Senior Coach Great Britain Squad and International Team Coach National Championship and Performance Team Coach .

Glyn Martin
N.I.S.A Level 3 Coach and B.I T A Senior Coach Coached pupils to Championship Level in Free,Pairs and Dance. Specialises in advanced Free Skating Techniques .

Karen Martin
N.I.S.A Level 3 Senior Free Skating Coach Coached pupils to Championship Level in Free and Pair Skating. Qualified to coach all ice skating disciplines .

Zoe McDuff
NISA Level 2 Qualified Coach, Former competitive skater & show performer. Level 2 Fitness Coach.

Nichola Etgart
Qualified Nisa Level 2 performance free and dance coach and BITA Senior Coach, Trainee Dance Technical Specialist Medalist in British Dance Championships, coached pupils to championship level in free and dance Appeared weekly on ITV's Ice Warriors as (Azra- Ice Angel ) .


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